'On My Way' is one of my favorite songs on the record. It was written by Ali Tamposi, who's so amazing. She wrote a ton of amazing songs for Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce, and she's so awesome.

'On My Way' is a really great song because it's a pop song that you can totally roll down your windows and, like, rock out to, but at the same time the lyrics are so great. For me, I really tried to choose songs that were fun but also meant something.

Sometimes it’s really great to have those songs that you can just dance around your room too, but for me, I really wanted to be singing about things that were important to me, and ‘On My Way’ has such such incredible drive.

It’s just really about, no matter what, ‘I’m with you,” and I can completely relate to that.

I recorded it I think sometime around March this past year, and at the time it was so important to me about being in a relationship with someone, and no matter what’s going on, you are WITH them, and you’re standing strong.

And I love this song so much—like I said, because it’s so fun, but also because it’s strong, it shows off my voice really well, and it has meaning to it.

Lea Michele, talking about her song “On My Way” on her album Louder's track-by-track interview for Vevo, December 2013.  x (via showthemwhat)